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When you buy a new puppy, you want to make sure that you are getting one from a reputable breeder. I am licensed and have been breeding golden retrievers, standard golden doodles, mini golden doodles, and labradoodles since 2006. My absolute love for dogs is the reason I started to breed with a commitment  to producing sound and healthy puppies. We believe in doing things right or not do it at all. We take the time to do Ofa certifications and genetic testing on all our dogs to ensure we only produce the best puppies. With an emphasis in health, amazing temperament, and easy trainable puppies can only be accomplished by providing the best start to your puppies.

Each puppy is handled from the moment they are born, followed by doing early neurological stimulation from day 3 to 16 and continue to raise them using the puppy culture and Bad Ass Breeder protocols. I invite you to research early neurological stimulation and learn all the benefits this can do for your puppy. Exposing puppies to new situations and people are crucial in their development and I do the best to start helping them build confidence.


My priority is to help these puppies become amazing companions while also working on crate training and starting on potty training. I take time to research each of my families to ensure I only provide the best forever homes to my babies. A puppy application as well as a deposit are part of our screening process.

If you are interested and think you can provide one of my puppies an amazing home then please reach out to me. Call 414-719-9015 or email and a puppy application will be provided.


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Available November 14

These beautiful purebred golden retrievers will be a great addition to any family. Dad (Gus) is a master hunter, field champion, and holds a conformation title. Mom (Faith) is a junior hunter and has started on her hrc hunter program. Both parents are Ofa certified and have cleared genetic testing. Previous litters have been awesome dogs proving themselves in the field as well as amazing service dogs.


Available Now

Mini goldendoodles are sure to capture your heart.  Contact us for more information.




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