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Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations do your dog need before staying at Paws Inn and Resort?


We require that all dogs have their Distemper (DHLPP), Bordetella, and Rabies.



What age should the dog be to attend boarding?


We accept puppies starting at eight weeks of age.



What are the drop off and pick up times?


9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.



Do I need to bring my dog’s food?


Bring your own dog’s food in order to avoid upset stomachs. We ask that you only bring what is needed for your dog’s stay in a plastic container with their name on it. If food is provided by Paws Inn and Resort, there is a charge of $2-$7 per meal depending on the amount and type of food needed.



What should I do if my dog requires medication?


Bring their medication. Paws Inn and Resort is able to administer their medication. Be sure to provide current directions along with the actual prescriptions.



Will the length of my dog’s hair keep them cooler/warmer during the different seasons?


In most cases, no. Dogs are built for weather changes. Some smaller dogs may still require something to keep them warm (like a sweater or such) in the cold winter and big dogs may need extra water or shade during a hot summer. But for the most part as long as there is no matting, the length of their hair has no effect on keeping them warm/cold.



If my dog is matted, do I have to get it shaved?


In most cases, yes. It is very hard to de-mat a dog. It takes a lot of time and it is painful for the dog. It can also severely thin out a dog’s hair, making it look bad. De-matting is not possible for dogs with extreme matting. Matting can be caused by lack of brushing and/or the type of coat. When a dog is matted, it cannot be given a bath or it will worsen. The water will only tighten up the mats causing more discomfort for the dog. If the matting ever gets too severe, it is possible to tear the dog’s skin. The best thing for almost all dogs when they are matted is to shave them and start over. It may not be the best looking haircut… but hair will grow back.



How often do my dogs get out to play?


As long as the weather isn’t severe, they will be outside on average 4-5 hours per day. They are let outside on a revolving basis for 30-minute intervals with a small number of other dogs and similar temperament. The yard is fenced in and our friendly, animal-loving staff will make sure your dog gets the exercise and attention they need. The dogs are free to explore, run, fetch, play, and make new friends. Individual play time is also provided. In case of severe weather (cold, snow, rain, heat), they will be let out if possible to go to the bathroom and then play inside in groups. Your pet’s safety is our top priority so we will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe.

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